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How are you increasing your ability to detect that you have been compromised? KM Cyber Security, LLC has been at the forefront of cyber security services in the fields of incident response, penetration testing, and digital forensics.

As a practitioner, we recognize you are going to get hacked. If you really understand the attacks that will put you in a better position to know when it happens because now you know what the attacks look like.


Cloud Security
Are you worried about the security implications of using cloud services? Have you recently migrated to a cloud service provider but not sure what your security posture is as a result? Whether you are planning a migration, already in the middle of one, or have completed one, let us help you get the assurance you need for your cloud security. We provide everything from policy consulting to deep dive penetration testing and web API testing.
Incident Response
This is our fastest growing service. We bring in a few devices that we manage then use these devices to move horizontally inside your network. We search for, find and ex-filtrate predefined data (agreed upon by you the customer), then we see if your team even detects the breach and if so, measure how they respond.
On-Demand Advisory/Consulting
In today's dynamic business landscape, having access to expert guidance is essential for success. Flexible and customized solutions offered by professional consultants allow businesses and individuals to receive specialized support on an as-needed basis. Contact us for more information.
Penetration Testing
We provide several different kinds of penetration testing. This includes Traditional Network Penetration Tests, Web Application Penetration Testing, both cloud-based and traditional apps. We will also perform comprehensive social engineering and phishing tests, including physical attacks, malicious device planting (thumb drives, etc.) and many other techniques. Our scope includes White Box, Grey Box, and Black Box penetration tests.